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S.I. Leadership Award: Project Presentation Day & List of Winners

Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK has introduced the S.I. Leadership Award for application by the CUHK students and alumni who are interested in leverage on social innovation to alleviate poverty.  The winning projects will each receive a maximum of HK$160,000 as seed funding, overseas exchange and continuous training opportunities.

For this year, 15 teams have enrolled into the scheme and competed for the award.  Having been through 6-month continuous training and mentorship, the teams have further refined and polished their plans.  Eventually, 6 teams have submitted their operation plan and attended the Project Presentation Day was held on 4 July 2019.  The adjudicating panel gave the teams valuable advice on how to further develop their projects based on their strength and weaknesses.  The panel includes:

  • Irene Ng, Director of the ICARE Centre for Whole-person Development
  • Claire Wang, Centre Administrative Secretary of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK
  • Luk Tak Chuen, Project Coordinator of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK
  • Elsie Tsui, Adjunct Associate Professor of Department of Management

After review by adjudicating panel, it was decided the winners are Rolling Dialogue, The Wandering Voice and Wildbreezes. Below is the brief introduction of the winners:

  1. Rolling Dialogue

Rolling Dialogue is an innovative program to foster cultural dialogues for ethnic minorities communities in Hong Kong in terms of the learning of chinese language and the preservation of the cultural identities of the ethnic minorities through a series of activities related to reading and cooking.

  1. The Wandering Voice

The Wandering Voice is dedicated to building a community to encourage inclusion of ethnic minorities and embrace of diversity through media and immersive programs.

  1. Wildbreezes

Wildbreezes aims to design nature activities and provide opportunities for children and youth in Hong Kong to expedite their reconnection with the living world and respect towards our Mother Earth.


S.I. Leadership Award 2018-19: Open for Application Now!

The Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK, which is a subsidiary of this Centre, has introduced the S.I. Leadership Award for application by the CUHK students and alumni who are interested in social innovation.  Through training, mentorship and competition, this award scheme encourages participants to advance existing services or products to meet social needs.  The participants will gain more in-depth knowledge of the underprivileged and adopt people-oriented approach to address social challenges.  The S.I. Leadership Award of 2018-19 is now open for application.  Details are as follows:


  1. Each team must consist of 2 to 10 participants, at least half of which are CUHK students or alumni
  2. Participant is not allowed to join more than one team
  3. All participants must have attended S.I. Leadership Workshop* – Design Thinking (I)
  4. The project has not received CUSE Fund** under the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme run by this Centre
  5. The project cannot apply for I. Leadership Award and CUSE Fund simultaneously


14 – 25 January 2019    : Interview
January – May 2019       : S.I. Leadership Workshop II
Mid-June 2019                : Submission of operation plan (Exact dates to be announced in the interview)
Early-July 2019               : Presentation (Exact dates to be announced in the interview)

Project requirement

To leverage social innovation to provide solution to the poverty issue

Judging criteria

  1. Idea – including familiarity with the community issue; feasibility and effectiveness of the intervention; degree of integrating social resources; and understanding of the team’s capability
  2. Action – project planning and execution ability


  1. A maximum of HK$160,000 as seed money
  2. Overseas exchange and continuous training opportunities


The scheme will be conducted in Cantonese


Please click here to register online


11:59 pm of 14 Jan 2019

If you have any enquiry, please contact Mr. Or of this Centre at 3943 3227 (Tel) or timothycnor@cuhk.edu.hk (Email), or click here to visit the Facebook page of Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK.

*Introduction of S.I. Leadership Workshop can be learnt from https://goo.gl/jzDu5K

**Introduction of CUSE Fund can be learnt from https://goo.gl/RjnX2d

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