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Hong Kong Jockey Club Youth Programme

Incubation / start up

The core activities of the YSBC@CUHK will be implemented according to following phases:

Fundamental Preparation Phase

It will start after the undergraduates join the CUHK at their 1st and 2nd year study to increase their concern on poverty problems locally and globally

  1. Course-based classroom activities
  2. Community walk and visits

Education and Capacity Building Phase

  1. Poverty alleviation projects and activities: Enable students to have a deeper understanding of causes and impacts of poverty in Hong Kong
  2. Capacity building projects: Enhance the skills in project planning, implementation and evaluation as well as team building and leadership.
  3. Internship at NGOs and social enterprises in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan.

Action and Incubation Phase

  1. Training: Students with satisfactory performance in training will be invited to submit their social business plans for a seed money award.
  2. Mentoring: One-on-One supervision by experienced leaders
  3. Competition: Encourages the capable and interested students to form teams to launch their own social business projects during their 3rd year and 4th year study.